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EIFS inspections, Exterior Insulated Finished System, are inspections of the exterior surfaces and below the surface laminate, of a home or building.  All inspections will follow the EDI (Exterior Design Institute) and EIMA (EIFS Industry Members Association) guidelines for the inspection process.  Reports are submitted in the Moisture Warranty format.

Basically, there are 3 types of EIFS inspections; Phase I, Phase II, and Phase III.

In a Phase I inspection, the building or home is visually inspected from all wall surfaces and surface moisture readings are taken with a Tramex meter.  A Phase I inspection is non-invasive. The condition of the surface lamina, installation techniques of the wall system, the caulking and the flashing systems are inspected and evaluated.  All windows, doors, and other wall penetrations are inspected and tested.  All accent moldings, wall penetrations, exterior attachments, and joints are inspected, tested, and all readings recorded.

Phase II inspections are minimally invasive.  The lamina surface is carefully probed with a very thin dual-probed meter, called a Delmhorst probe, in any areas that the previous surface moisture readings were consistently high. The small holes made are then patched with a matching or clear caulk so that any trace of the inspection is invisible. 

Normally, the initial inspection of a property would be a Phase I and II inspection.  Each moisture reading is carefully documented and photographed with a digital camera if it is found to be a higher than normal reading. Most times, over 80 readings are taken at the wall surfaces which are then recorded.  If an area of the building or home is inaccessible, it will be noted in the report.

The inspection of the building or home will be followed by a very detailed written report and photographic evidence derived from the inspection

A Phase III inspection is an invasive inspection and it allows for the removal of small panels of moisture-affected stucco in areas that have consistently tested high for moisture with both the Tramex and the Delmhorst meters.  At this point, any damage to the substrate is revealed, and repairs can be commenced, or the damage is completely reported and recorded photographically and a report submitted.

All of the reports will detail the areas of the EIFS system that are not in conformance with the accepted workmanlike installation techniques of EIMA.  Right and left will be determined as the inspector faces the front of the building exterior.  Fees for inspections are charged by how large the building or home (square footage) is and how much of it is covered with EIFS.  Please call 513-683-0733 for exact pricing.


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